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Providence Sleep Disorders Center

If your sleep is being disrupted for any reason, see your doctor and share your concerns. Your doctor will answer many of your questions. You may be referred to the Providence Sleep Disorders Center in Anchorage for diagnosis and treatment by experts in sleep who handle more than 700 patients a year for a variety of disorders. Do you think you are getting enough sleep? Take a sleep assessment here.
How we can help you
The best way to diagnose a sleep problem is to study a patient's sleeping habits. This is often done by a fully monitored sleep study at the Center. During this study, the patient wears electronic sensors specifically designed to monitor brain waves, eye movements, breathing, snoring, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and any unusual limb movements as you sleep.
By analyzing the results of the study, our specialists, in concert with your physician, can determine the presence and severity of any abnormal functions that may be disrupting your sleep which could pose a serious risk to your general health.
For more information
Please contact the Providence Sleep Disorders Center at (907) 212-3650 to learn more about our services and programs. To find general information and specific health topics, visit our online health library