Lifeline Medical Alert Service


Why choose Providence Lifeline Medical Alert Service?

  • Emergency situations are worse if you’re alone
  • Lifeline helps you access immediate help
  • Providence Lifeline Medical Alert Service gives you access to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Providence Lifeline Medical Alert Service is:

  • Trusted by thousands of subscribers
  • Recommended by health care professionals
  • Key to giving people the peace of mind
  • Available throughout Anchorage, Eagle River, Mat-Su Valley, and Kodiak Island

How it works

  • By pushing a button you are connected instantly to a 24 hour call center.
  • You will hear and can respond to a reassuring trained person. 
  • When needed emergency services are notified for you.

What are the options?

The Communicator - The Communicator unit has a speaker and works with your button.
Option 1: Standard Lifeline Service - Includes your choice of a pendant or wrist-style help button.
Option 2: Lifeline with AutoAlert* - An enhanced device that detects falls and triggers an alert to the call center without having to push a button.

For more information

Download an informational brochure to learn more or contact Providence In Home Services at (907) 273-0554. To find general information and specific health topics, visit our online health library