Community Health Needs Assessments

Every three years, Providence Health & Services Alaska conducts a community health needs assessment for each of the communities that we have a presence.  The community health needs assessments guide community benefit investments and inform our response to the community’s needs.  The health needs assessment is an evaluation of key health indicators of the community.
The assessment may be used as a tool for concerned community members to not only better understand the health of the community, but also to make data-based decisions to improve the lives of  residents.  The goal of the community health needs assessment is to continually improve the quality of health and health care for residents by:
  • Providing accurate, reliable , and valid  information to community members and health care providers
  • Raising public awareness of health needs, trends, emerging issues, and community challenges
  • Giving community members the opportunity to share their personal experiences, insights, and opinions on health and health care
  • Providing data for the hospital and the community to continue strategic planning efforts