Faith Community Nursing

The Alaska Faith Community Nursing Resource Center at Providence is an outward expression of our Mission and Core Values, extending the compassion and healing ministry of Jesus, with special concern for those who are poor and vulnerable. We nurture the spiritual, physical and emotional well-being of those we serve.
faith1The Resource Center provides a unique relationship between two communities: the health system and the faith community, creating a vital link in health care.
Faith Community Nursing is recognized by the American Nurses Association as a specialty of nursing practice with its own Scope and Standards of Nursing Practice. For more information about Faith Community Nursing and the Alaska Faith Community Nurse Resource Center at Providence (AFCNRCP) please check out our Frequently Asked Questions.
Providence provides education, support and resources for the development and growth of faith community nursing programs through out the state of Alaska.
The Alaska Faith Community Nurse Resource Center at Providence provides:
  • MNA approved, continuing education for faith community nurses
  • Monthly health ministry and faith community nurse network meetings
  • Yearly retreats and conferences
  • Annual health ministry gatherings
  • Onsite consultation and support
  • Resource library:
       - Books
       - Publications
       - DVDs and Video programs
       - Teaching aids
       - Blood pressure equipment
Faith Community Nursing in Alaska
Around the country, faith and health partnerships are changing the life of communities. Churches, hospitals, departments of health and social service agencies are working together on health issues of mutual concern. Alaska is a part of this exciting time.
One example is the number of health and faith community nurse ministries that are growing in Alaska. To date, over two hundred nurses and health ministers completed the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing course offered through the Alaska Faith Community Nurse Resource Center at Providence. There are over 10,000 faith community nurses in the U.S.
Faith Community nurses in Alaska are becoming a vital link in the health care system. They provide education, resources and advocacy for members of their congregation and greater community. For example, through on-site health screenings, faith community nurses have been able to catch problems early. They follow through to insure people get the medical attention they need. They help people understand their medication and treatment plans, assisting them to manage their health problems. Many a faith community nurse has diverted a stroke or heart attack through the simple but faithful practice of offering regular blood pressure screenings at the church. 
As health advocates, faith community nurses accompany people to the emergency room or doctor's office, to be that extra set of ears and help decode medical jargon. They also assist people with paperwork and resources to navigate the health care maze.
Weaved into everything they do, faith community nurses provide a reassuring, healing presence to the people and communities they serve.
For more information
To learn more about Faith Community Nursing, please call (907) 212-5053.

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