Faith Community Nursing

Our Approach

Whether your health problems are minor or life-threatening, your medical care can be enhanced through spiritual care. At Providence, we believe that extending the compassion and healing ministry of Jesus can nurture not just your physical health but also your spiritual and emotional well-being.

That’s why we are happy to provide you with spiritual and physical healing through our faith community nurses.  

Services We Offer

Faith community nurses take a holistic approach to working with patients. They integrate health and faith, while also serving as educators, advocates, care coordinators and more. While faith community nurses don’t provide hands-on care, they help you in other ways, such as: 

  • Accompany you to the emergency room or doctor visits to help explain your care
  • Assist you with managing health problems
  • Discuss your medication and treatment plans 
  • Help you with paperwork and resources to navigate your health care 
  • Offer educational classes in areas such as grief, advance directives, healthy eating and how the dark winter months can affect your emotional health 
  • Provide onsite health screenings at churches or other locations 
  • Pray with you 

About Us 

Our resource center links two groups—the health system and the faith community. This unique relationship creates a vital asset in health care. Over 200 nurses and health ministers have completed our Foundations of Faith Community Nursing course.  

Faith community nurses use our resource center for:

  • Annual health ministry gatherings
  • MNA-approved, continuing education 
  • Monthly health ministry and faith community nurse network meetings 
  • Onsite consultations and support 
  • Yearly retreats and conferences 
These nurses also use our resource library for books, publications, DVDs and video programs on faith community nursing. Our library also provides teaching aids and blood pressure equipment.

Our impact

In Alaska, the number of health and faith community nurse ministries is growing. And across the U.S., there are more than 10,000 faith community nurses. We are excited to be part of this movement.

Churches, hospitals, departments of health and social service agencies are working together on health issues, to benefit the entire community. Faith community nurses provide a reassuring, healing presence to you and the community they serve.

Learn More

To learn more about faith community nursing, please call 907-212-5053. You can also check out books on this subject from our resource center.