No One Dies Alone (NODA)

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Dedicated to providing caring, bedside companionship for dying patients who are alone at the end of life.
Our Mission
NODA is one extension of the Providence Mission: “As people of Providence we reveal God’s love for all, especially the poor and vulnerable, through our compassionate service.”
Origin & History
NODA (No One Dies Alone) was founded in November 2002 by Sandra Clark, CCRN, at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene, Oregon.  The NODA program has won several awards and has inspired hospitals around the U.S. and beyond to create similar programs.
Our Providence NODA program is modeled after that at Sacred Heart, becoming a totally volunteer-driven program.  At PAMC in 2005 NODA was started within our new Palliative Care team. Today this service is managed by the Volunteer Services department and the volunteer team, consisting of both Providence employees and members of our community.
NODA Scope of Service
Patients in need are identified by their health care team when death is expected within a few days and typically when no family or friends are nearby.  A NODA vigil is then activated to provide a reassuring presence at the bedside of the dying patient for as long as needed. Resources you’ll need to offer comfort to the patient will be provided for you.
NODA Volunteers
At Providence Volunteer Services two different NODA volunteer positions are offered:
  1. NODA Vigil Coordinator
  2. NODA Compassionate Companion
The NODA Vigil Coordinator receives the initial call from the health care team of the patient which begins the NODA activation. The NODA Vigil Coordinator then activates volunteers on their list of NODA Compassionate Companions who come to the hospital to sit at bedside and give a reassuring presence at the end of life.  As a volunteer NODA Compassionate Companion you will assist in comfort-care measures as requested by the patient and encouraged by the clinical staff, such as:
  • Holding the patient’s hand
  • Playing soothing music
  • Reading to the patient
  • Fluffing pillows
  • Adjusting bed covers
  • Being comfortable with silence
How to sign up
  • How to get started volunteering
  • Volunteer must be 18 years or older
  • Call 212-3100 to begin the registration process
  • If you are not a Providence employee or an established Providence Volunteer you will also go through the steps to become a PAMC Volunteer.
  • Upon completion of the above you will then attend a NODA orientation session
For more information
To learn more about the No One Dies Alone program, please call (907) 212-3100. To find general information and specific health topics, visit our online health library