Continuous Improvement

Clinical care

At Providence Alaska Medical Center, we expect that patients will receive excellent care every time. As we require evidence based medicine and best practices, we have an expected standard of care. We review the care process for each patient with heart failure, pneumonia, and acute myocardial infarction, as well as patients who have had surgery. Aggregated data is reported monthly and presented at administrative and open invitation meetings. Specific attention is paid to areas of care that need improvement: action is required.

If a lapse in care occurs, we scrutinize the patient’s stay to identify issues and pursue an improvement strategy. Physicians receive missed opportunity letters with current guidelines from their professional society. Nurses also receive a letter, as does their clinical manager, and an invitation to a meeting to discuss what they will do to insure the lapse doesn’t occur again in the future. Systemic issues trigger an ad hoc work group with definite timelines for improvement. We gather process improvement teams, test the care received against expected standards, use improvement strategies from Six Sigma and Lean disciplines, and rapid cycle improvement to improve the care our patients receive.

Patient satisfaction

Our goal is to provide all our patients and families with the very best in clinical care and the very best experience possible. We are continually looking for our opportunities to improve.  Some of the work that we are doing to provide you with the best experience include:

  • Hourly Rounding – reduces anxiety, decreases patient falls, decreases pressure ulcers and improves pain management
  • Bedside Shift Report – to include you in the care plan
  • Nurse Leader Rounding- checking in with you to make sure your visit is going well
  • Through put project- to reduce your wait times
  • Patient & Family Centered Care work- to provide our patients with the information they want, with dignity and respect, inviting participation and collaboration.
  • Training/learning opportunities
  • Six Sigma and Lean projects
  • Focus on our Mission and Core Values
  • Continually reviewing the information patients/families provide us through the survey process.

For more information

For more information about Providence Health & Services Alaska quality measures, please visit the Hospital Compare website.