Student Rotations

Our office supports students who are completing internships/clinical rotations at Providence by arranging clinical education agreements, student background checks and orientations.

For clinical education agreements

To request a Clinical Education agreement to be established for your University/School or to renew an existing agreement please contact the Student Rotations coordinator at Providence Alaska Learning Institute. All new or existing agreements will need to submit a copy of the organizations Certificate of Liability Insurance.

For available opportunities

Student Coordinators and Students may contact Providence Alaska Learning Institute for more specific information and requests. If you have a request for a student to complete an internship or clinical rotation with one of our Providence facilities please fill out the form below:

If you have been accepted to Providence for a clinical rotation please continue on, starting with student requirements.

Student requirements

  1. Please read Student Requirements form
  2. Complete an Alaska state background check with the Department of Health and Social Services. Please start this process as soon as possible as it could take 6-8 weeks to process. If you think you have a current background check with the DHSS please contact the student rotations coordinator in the Learning Institute at 212-5524.
  3. Completely fill out the Student Information and Release and NABCS ROI Forms.
  4. Please fill out information regarding your immunization history on the Health Requirement Attestation. This can be filled out by your School. If you do not receive flu vaccinations and wish to decline please fill out the Flu Vaccine Declination form.
  5. Send a head shot photo (similar to a DMV’s driver’s license) with no hats, sunglasses, etc., and preferably a plain background for your student badge as an attachment in an email. This photo will be used to create your student badge and will need to be sent as a pdf and image.
  6. Please submit all requirements to PALI by email, fax or in person at the Providence Alaska Learning Institute office.

Student Orientation

Please wait to start orientation materials until you have completed all the student requirements and have checked in with the Student Rotations Coordinator at Providence Alaska Learning Institute.

The required student orientation components consist of:

Student onboarding complete

When all of the onboarding requirements have been met and your background check with the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services has cleared you will receive a confirmation email from the Student Rotations Coordinator at Providence Alaska Learning Institute. This email will confirm all requirements have been met and instructions on where to receive your student badge.