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ptsdHelping veterans with PTSD
How you can help a loved one who has returned from a war zone.
coldorfluIs it a cold or the flu?
You’re sneezing, stuffed up and you’re tired. In other words, you’re feeling lousy.

A healthier you can mean a healthier baby. When you’re pregnant, a lot of things that you do can have an effect on your baby – an effect that continues long after your baby is born.

A new shoulder: Is it right for you?
You probably know that if you have a bum knee or hip, you can have the joint replaced. But what about that persistently painful shoulder – do you just have to live with it?

Be a Healthy Alaskan this year
Run, walk and bike for a good cause and good health. Join Providence Alaska Medical Center in supporting these community events.

Having trouble sleeping? Maybe it’s time for a wake-up call: You shouldn’t toss and turn and hope for the best rest.

Keep your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning
You can’t see it, smell it or taste it, but carbon monoxide – a gas released when fuel is burned – can be deadly.

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