Safety Tips for You to Know

Most grown-ups are nice to children and care about what happens to them. But every now and then there are grown-ups who try to touch a child in a way that is not okay. It might be a person you know and trust, like a family member, a teacher or neighbor.
These are Safety Rules for you to follow. 
  • Your body belongs to you.
  • No one has the right to touch you, if you don’t want them to. That includes teachers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, mom and dad, the babysitter, your brother or sister, religious leaders, the coach—this means anyone who makes you uncomfortable.
  • There are places on your body that are private—like the places a swimming suit covers. Adults or bigger kids should not try to touch private parts, unless it is the doctor and your parent or guardian is in the room with you.
  • Trust your feelings. If something feels funny, uncomfortable or confusing to you, YOU CAN SAY NO. It is good to say NO to an adult or bigger kid who tries to do something that is not okay or tells you it is “a special secret.” Sometimes children say NO to confusing or unwanted touch and the abuse still happens.
  • Tell someone you trust what happened, even if the person who touched you said it was a secret or that they would hurt you or someone else if you told.
  • If someone does something to you that feels wrong or confusing, they may tell you it is a “special secret” and make you promise not to tell. TELL! It is OKAY to break this kind of promise. The person who made you promise knows that they are doing something wrong.
  • Keep telling until someone listens. Some adults do not know what to do when a young person tells them about sexual abuse. An adult may tell you not to talk about it, or to forget it. They may even tell you that you made up the story. DON’T GIVE UP. Find someone to tell who will help.

If you have been sexually assaulted, please call 800 478-4444

or call:
Standing Together Against Rape (STAR)
24-Hour Crisis Line: (907) 276-7273
(800) 478-8999
TTDY: (907) 278-9988