We take PRIDE in serving our LGBTQI patients


Our goals

  • To provide safe and affirming quality healthcare to our LGBTQI patients, friends, and families
  • To recruit, retain, and support an LGBTQI inclusive workforce
  • To train our physicians and staff about health disparities that impact the LGBTQI communities, and how we can start to overcome those at PFMC
  • To make our LGBTQI patients feel welcome, and to value their ideas and contributions about how we can continue to improve their healthcare 

Some specific services we provide

  • Primary Medical Care for LGBTQI Patients
  • OB Care for LGBTQI Parents
  • Hormone Therapy for Patients who are Transitioning 
  • Behavioral Health Consultation and Counseling 
  • Social Work Consultation and Support 

If you have any thoughts about how we can improve the care we provide our LGBTQI patients, please let us know, we want to learn from YOU. Contact Us: Cyndi Cieslak, Practice Director: 907-562-9229

Local resources

  • Identity, Inc.: 907-929-4528
  • PFLAG: 907-566-1813
  • Covenant House Alaska: 907-272-1255
  • Pride Foundation: 907-903-1280
  • Alaskans Together for Equality: 907-929-4528
  • Anchorage Equal Rights Commission: 907-343-4342

Educational materials

(Fenway National LGBTQ Health Education Center)

Other Resources

  • The Trevor Project: A 24-hr hotline for LGBTQI youth who might be thinking about suicide 1-866-488-7386
  • National Resource Center on LGBT Aging: www.lgbtagingcenter.org
  • Human Rights Campaign Health Equity Index of Leaders in LGBTQI healthcare: www.hrc.org/hei