Good things to know

Pets – With the proper pet pass dogs, cats and birds are welcome to visit PEC. To obtain a pass, complete the application and contact our team to schedule time to review the application. For dogs you must have current rabies shot and shot record.

Shopping – Families and friends should be active participants in your daily life. If you have personal shopping needs we ask that your family or friends assist you with your shopping. If you do not have someone to shop for you we do have a volunteer that will assist with personal shopping.

Gift Shop – Robbie’s Dream is our gift shop located in the Commons building. The shop is run by our Auxiliary, a group of dedicated volunteers. The shop offers a variety of items including toiletries, knick-knacks, clothing, stationary items, jewelry and snacks. The hours of operation vary and are posted in the shop window.

Facebook – We have a Facebook group for staff, residents and families. Request access to the group.

Appointments – During your stay with us there may be the occasion for you to go to a doctor’s office or other medical visit. If you will need an escort with you, your family or guardian will be contacted to attend the appointment with you.