pkimcmaternityFrom the first days of your pregnancy to the birth of your baby and beyond, we are here to help you by offering complete birthing services from personalized and intimate prenatal classes to free breastfeeding and infant nutrition support programs.
At Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center (PKIMC), we focus on the family. When you deliver your baby at PKIMC, you truly become part of our family. We get to know you by name and listen to your needs. We also recognize the importance of having the support of those you love around you and invite your family to become involved to help celebrate the birth of your baby.
Our physicians and obstetrical nurses are highly trained health care experts who love what they do, and it shows. Our exceptional nursing staff is cross-trained in the aspects of labor, delivery, postpartum and infant care, so the same nurse can care for you and your baby. This provides an important continuity of care.
Visit our birthing suites
PKIMC features 4 family birthing suites. We encourage and invite you to visit one of the suites by calling 907-486-9500 and asking to speak with the third floor charge nurse or the obstetrical nurse.
Home-like atmosphere
When you arrive at PKIMC to have your baby, you will settle into one of our private family birthing suites that make you feel more like you’re at home instead of a hospital. With soft lighting, modern, comfortable furniture, and large picturesque windows, our family birthing suites provide a welcoming atmosphere. Each suite is complete with a private bathroom and shower, personal sink and vanity, closet, TV, and sleeper recliner so support persons can stay overnight. A nutrition station, which offers beverages, ice and light snacks, is available to patients and their support persons 24 hours a day.
When it’s time for delivery, your suite can be converted into a delivery room within seconds. Each suite is equipped with leading-edge technology. The entire obstetrical unit, including the nursery, has discreet but strict security measures to ensure that babies and moms are safe and secure.
Comforting labor support
We are committed to providing our laboring moms a variety of alternative pain relief methods, including: birthing balls, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy oils. Experienced obstetrical nurses are available to help coach patients through the labor process. In addition, certified registered nurse anesthetists are on call and readily available at all times.
Mother/Baby team approach to care
From the moment your baby is born, we foster an environment that allows you to bond with and learn how to care for your baby. We think of you and your baby as a "mother/baby team" and encourage you to be together for all those important learning and bonding moments. All nursing care for your baby - including the very first bath after birth - is done at your bedside. Each suite is equipped with a bassinet for baby so families can spend as much time with their newborn as possible.
The Outpatient Specialty Clinic provides additional support services including pediatrics, gynecology and other specialists.
We are committed to providing every family with the education and support they need to provide the best nutrition for their baby. Our certified lactation consultant, experienced nurses and trained peer counselors are available 7 days a week to provide assistance with breastfeeding and bottle feeding. We can help solve feeding problems and make sure you and your baby get off to a good start. All Kodiak families, whether they deliver at PKIMC or off-island, have the special opportunity to enroll in a free breastfeeding and infant nutrition support program called the Kodiak KINDNESS Project. KINDNESS provides services throughout your baby’s entire first year. Call (907) 539-2660 for more information on this program, found only in Kodiak.
PKIMC provides a personalized and intimate prenatal class to help women and their families prepare for this special time in their lives. Each class is taught by a PKIMC obstetrical nurse, allowing expectant moms the opportunity to get to know our staff before they have their baby. Available free to all families.
For more information
To learn more about Providence Health & Services in Kodiak Island, call 907-486-9500. To find general information and specific health topics, visit our online health library.