Providence Medical Group Maternal-Fetal Medicine Clinic

Providence Medical Group Maternal-Fetal Medicine is committed to doing everything possible to ensure the health of new mothers and their babies. Maternal-Fetal Medicine, also known as High-Risk Obstetrics, provides expert, multidisciplinary care for women and newborns who have complications identified prior to or during pregnancy.


Services Provided

  • Targeted ultrasound imaging for babies at risk for the following conditions: increased risk of birth defects, fetal anomalies, twin-twin transfusion syndrome, fetal anemia, fetal arrhythmia, abnormal alpha-fetoprotein screening, increased maternal age, twins/triplets, and other conditions
  • Genetic testing: increased risks for genetic conditions, first trimester Down syndrome screening, abnormal alpha-fetoprotein or quadruple screen test
  • Diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, including: genetic amniocentesis and chronic villous sampling
  • Fetal non-stress tests
  • Biophysical profiles
  • Prenatal counseling for possibly complicated pregnancies or genetic concerns
  • A certified genetic counselor is located in clinic and can be seen at time of visit
Women without pregnancy complications also are welcome for services, including genetic counseling for Advanced Maternal Age, prior family history of genetic disorders, and recurrent pregnancy loss.