ICD-10 Education and Resources for Alaska Providers

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the ICD-10 implementation date is set for October 1, 2015. Effective on this date, ICD-9 will no longer be accepted. Providers are encouraged to take their ICD-10 training sooner rather than later to help them prepare for ICD-10 documentation specificity requirements.

ICD-10 education opportunities:
  • ​ICD-10 Specialty Modules
  • ICD-10 Specialty Tip Cards
  • ICD-10 queries from Coders and Clinical Documentation Specialists
Please start adding ICD-10 specificity to your documentation now to be ready for ICD-10 on Oct.1, 2015.
Online Education

  • ​Online ICD-10 education is being provided on The Commons​.
  • We are moving all users to use their Epic Login as their Commons Login.
  • Login information: Epic ID as your username and "TheCommons1" as your password.
  • For users who were updated but have not logged in their password will be "TheCommons1". If they have logged in since the update, it will be what they set it to.
  • For users who we were unable to update (NPI missing, which was required by the Epic team for Login Extract), they will still have their old login, email. We are asking those users to use the request an account link to give us the correct data.
  • For instructions on logging into The Commons, viewing the Epic and ICD-10 Specialty modules, see ICD-10 Provider Trainin​g FAQ​
  • Currently available modules are: 
    • Inpatient Provider ICD-10 General Awareness
    • Outpatient Provider ICD-10 General Awareness​
    • Epic ICD-10 Diagnosis Calculato​r
    • Specialty-Specific ICD-10 Education
    • Role-Specific ICD-10 Education for Office, Clinic, and Ancillary Staff
    • ICD-10 Stuff You Should Know
    • ICD-10 Survival Guide
    • ICD-10 Problem List Calculator
    • ICD-10 Provider Epic FAQs
    • Epic Tips & Tricks​
  • For additional information see ICD-10 Provider Education FAQ ​​
  • ICD-10 Clinical Documentation Tips ​
  • Recommended ICD-10 apps for your phone or tablet* ​
Disclaimer: The Providence IS Help Desk will not be supporting these apps.

Additional Resources
For questions about Providence's transition to ICD-10, please contact:
Kathy Kunemund, MBA, RHIA, CCS
Alaska Region ICD-10 Program Manager
(907) 317-0673

For general questions email: ICD10@providence.org