Providence Alaska Foundation Board Supports #finIshCANcer

January 27, 2017

I can. We can. Together we can finish cancer.

Cancer doesn’t just affect those who have it – it affects everyone. And everyone has a role to play in finishing it, right here at home.

This campaign is more than a traditional advertising campaign. It engages people wherever they are and however they are “finishing cancer” by telling our community’s stories. Whether that’s a patient receiving treatment, a family member providing support, a community member volunteering for cancer-related causes or a caregiver providing compassionate care for patients - the stories are special and important to share together to support each other. 

This year-long campaign will begin with an icy plunge on Saturday, Jan. 28, at the American Cancer Society Polar Bear Jump in Seward as Providence caregivers show their support for cancer prevention, research and treatment.  

You can join the fight against cancer by:

-Participating in events and spreading the word by using the #finishcancer hashtag when sharing photographs on social media outlets!

-Learning more about how to #finishcancer in our community by clicking here

-Giving to help other patients and families experiencing cancer by clicking here.