Bereavement Council

Support for Families Who Have Lost a Child

There is no pain felt, like that of losing a child. The staff at the Children’s Hospital at Providence would like to offer our sincere condolences to you and your family. This poem from the book, “Dear Parents, Letters to Bereaved Parents from Bereaved Parents” best expresses our feelings:

I can’t say anything that will make things better, 
but I can be there with you and share your anger, 
the pain, and the bewilderment. 
Most of all, I can let you know that I care 
and that I won’t abandon you. 

Through the Bereavement Council at the Children’s Hospital at Providence, we are here to support you during this difficult time. The Bereavement Council is an integrated program made up of caregivers from a variety of disciplines and volunteers. The pain you feel is overwhelming. But, you can turn to us for resources and information that may help you and your family find peace as you grieve the loss of your precious child.

Please reach out to us at 907-212-3344to ask about the services we provide. We’re always here to offer comfort and support whenever you need it.

Volunteer or support our efforts

If you’re interested in becoming a Bereavement Council volunteer or would like to share resources, please contact our Child Life Services at 907-212-3014. We are especially grateful for community groups who help support our efforts by creating quilts, hand-stamped cards and folders, bereavement gowns, and more.