Support Services

Care for your body, mind and spirit


Our support services provide an extra dimension of care to promote better health and well-being on every level – body, mind and spirit. From oncology rehabilitation to nutrition classes and counseling, you can count on practitioners who are leaders in their fields to offer support in the ways that matter to you.

As Alaska’s only comprehensive cancer center, many of these resources are available in-house, and they’re always available to you, your family and your caregivers.

If you’re interested in any of these services, ask someone on your cancer care team or speak with a patient navigator.

BP Cancer Resource Center

The BP Cancer Resource Center is a quiet, comfortable place for patients, families and caregivers to find information on cancer, access the Internet or talk with a patient navigator or volunteer. It’s a convenient source for the latest information on tests, treatments, clinical trials and local resources for support groups and transportation services.

The resource center was developed through a generous donation of BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. to offer free cancer education.

Clinical trials and research

Our goal is to make clinical trials available to all cancer patients in Alaska. Trials look at ways to enhance your quality of life and improve survival by finding better treatments and ways of preventing cancer. Search for a clinical trial or learn more about clinical research.


When you’re diagnosed with cancer, it’s natural to have questions and concerns. You may want and need extra support. Our patient navigation team has skilled clinicians who understand cancer’s impacts and are available to provide free one-on-one counseling for you and your loved ones. Call 907-212-4770 to make an appointment.

Financial counseling

We believe everyone should have access to health care. If you’re worried about how you can afford cancer treatment, we encourage you to talk with our financial counselors. They’ll help make sense of your health care benefits, work with you to develop a payment plan and explore financial assistance, if you need it. For more information or to set up an appointment, call 907-212-4910.

Genetic counseling

Often people are concerned that a family member’s cancer diagnosis means they have an increased risk for developing cancer. For most people, a relative’s cancer diagnosis does not significantly increase their own personal risk. Genetic counseling can help determine whether your family history of cancer puts you at greater risk.


Providence Hospice is a community-based program that provides comfort care for people who have life-limiting illnesses or who are at the end of their lives. Hospice providers offer intensive symptom management while supporting the patient’s and family’s goals for care. Hospice care takes place in a person’s home. Learn more about hospice services or connect with someone from our hospice team at 907-212-4400.

Lee Sheffield Infusion Center

Our infusion center offers a warm environment with private and group settings for patients who are receiving chemotherapy, biotherapy or blood treatment. An on-site pharmacy means less wait time, and, when starting a new treatment, a pharmacist can provide a one-on-one chemo teach to explain new medications and answer your questions. Learn more about our infusion center.


Our clinical dietitian is trained in oncology nutrition to help you navigate nutrition and dietary concerns during and after cancer therapy. Through our program, you’ll learn about foods that can strengthen your immune system, boost energy and help you maintain a healthy weight. Call 907-212-6870 to make an appointment or sign up for a group class.

Oncology rehabilitation

Improve and enhance your quality of life during cancer treatment and recovery through a prescriptive exercise program. Our oncology rehabilitation program incorporates mind and body healing through guided imagery, meditation and affirmations.

  • Lymphedema services and class: If lymph nodes are affected by cancer treatments, fluid may build up and cause swelling in an arm or leg. Our certified lymphedema therapist provides evaluation, treatment and fitting for compression garments. A lymphedema education class also is available. For an appointment or to register for a class, call 907-212-6872.

Palliative care

Palliative care is a medical specialty that helps patients and their families live as fully as possible when faced with a serious illness. These services are provided during any phase of an illness and when combined with other treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation, patients often feel better and can complete treatment more successfully. Learn more about palliative care, or call 907-212-7890.

Patient navigation

Our patient navigation team helps guide you through the health care system, from resources to treatment and beyond. Our focus is on supporting you and your family throughout the continuum of cancer care. Call 907-212-4770 to speak with a navigator.

Spiritual care

When life is challenging, some of us turn to spirituality for comfort and support. Providence offers chaplain services to support you on your cancer journey. Professionally trained and board-certified, our chaplain is a great listener who respects the cultural and spiritual diversity of our patients. Connect with our chaplain at 907-212-6870.

Susan Butcher Family Center

Cancer doesn’t just affect an individual – those closest to a patient also face a new world of uncertainty. The Susan Butcher Family Center offers support, mentoring and education to you and your family members through all possible stages of cancer – diagnosis, treatment, remission, survivorship, recurrence and end-of-life bereavement.

Cancer Center Boutique

The Women’s Boutique provides free hats, wigs and a unique understanding of patients experiencing appearance-related changes during treatment. Our volunteers are skilled at finding and fitting the right style and color of wig that will meet your needs.

We have a nurse navigator trained to help those needing post-surgical garments, bras and prosthetics. Call 907-212-6870 to make an appointment.

Alaska Run for Women logo

Alaska Run for Women is a proud sponsor of supplies for women who are in need of specialized bras and supplies due to breast cancer.