Susan Butcher Family Center

Over 2000 individuals receive a cancer diagnosis each year in the State of Alaska. Cancer remains the number one cause of death in Alaska since 1990. Cancer impacts the patient and family: physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. The Susan Butcher Family Center (SBFC) offers support, mentoring, and education for family members and loved ones impacted by an adult or child’s cancer.
As caring people of Alaska we offer care and compassion for children and teens.
We provide support to individuals from ages prenatal to young adult (age 23). Services are provided across the cancer continuum – including time of diagnosis, treatment, remission, survivorship, reoccurrence, end of life, and bereavement.
Program Services
The program offers avenues and outlets for families to gain information about cancer, express their feelings, discover ways to cope, and experience healing in a compassionate environment using age and developmentally appropriate materials and resources.  
Susan Butcher Family Center staff is available for consultation and work together with schools and community organizations as needed and if requested.
To arrange visits and/or appointments, please call 907-212-6870. The Susan Butcher Family Center has flexible hours to accommodate the needs of our patients and families and is located within the Providence Cancer Center in Anchorage, Alaska.