Personalized treatment

Personalized treatment -- just for you

JDTreatmentAt the Providence Cancer Center our sole focus is cancer. For our patients, this specialization and attention translates to world-class medical expertise and patient care. Every patient works with their physician on a personal treatment plan. Our recommendations are based on a thorough process of diagnosis that includes everything we learn about you, your cancer and everything we know as cancer specialists. Going above and beyond getting to know you and your needs is what allows us to design the best and most complete course of treatment - just for you. Your personal treatment plan might include medication, radiation, surgery or a combination of them. All of these treatments are available onsite, from your team of specialists at the Providence Cancer Center. Your treatment plan may also include a variety of support services such as acupuncture, nutrition counseling, oncology rehabilitation, spiritual care and more. We see the positive results of these services every day, and so do our patients.

The Cancer Center is home to state-of-the-art technology delivering the most advanced methods for diagnosis and treatment including cutting-edge therapies. And, as Alaska’s only comprehensive cancer center, everything you need to take care of your cancer including diagnosis, treatment and all the support services, are available in one convenient location.
You will have access to:
  • The latest treatments
  • The most advanced medical equipment
  • The newest cancer-fighting and pain-relief drugs
  • Clinical trials
  • Patient support services
Electronic medical records
Using an electronic medical record, your providers will have instant, real-time access to your entire medical record, including lab results, diagnostic image scans, chemotherapy regimen information, radiation therapy treatment schedules, etc.
Cancer conferences
Every week, various cancer specialists involved in your care will meet weekly to discuss treatments. During these conferences, patient medical information will be reviewed, diagnostic images displayed and discussed, potential courses of treatment are evaluated, and clinical trials considered. Patients presented at conference will get more than a second opinion, they'll get 15 opinions or more.