Inpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

When you are first allowed to get out of bed, your nurse will help you first sit at the side of the bed. Let her know if this causes any dizziness or pain in your groin site.
If there are not problems, you will first be allowed to walk around your room as you feel comfortable. Be sure to let your nurse know if you have any groin pain, chest pain or other problems while you are up.
Not long after you go home (1-2 weeks), your doctor will probably do a follow up stress test to check how successful the procedure was. Until the stress test, you should be sure to at least walk every day for exercise. You should not engage in heavy exercise (anything that raises your heart rate over 100-110 beats per minute) until you have been cleared by your doctor.
You should not lift anything over 15 lbs. for the first day or two after you return home.