Family Support Counseling

Here at The Children’s Hospital at Providence, we are committed to supporting strong, healthy families in Alaska. Because we know a hospital stay can be stressful, we have adopted the principles of family-centered care.
Family-centered care is a philosophy of health care that encourages participation, communication and collaboration between providers, patients and their families in order to deliver the best care possible. Practicing family-centered care is one way we hope to reduce the stress that you, your baby, child or family might feel. We want both our primary patient and your whole family to be healthy and feel supported.
As a part of this mission we are now offering short-term outpatient care for emotional issues related to pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Services include assessment, treatment or help with mood, anxiety, relationship and social issues, trauma, adjustment, grief and stress.A licensed professional counselor, housed in our Maternity Center, will be available to support you and your family as you deal with challenges of a difficult pregnancy, birth, loss, diagnosis or chronic condition.
Referrals for further mental health services will be provided if needed.Please call (907) 212-4940 to schedule an appointment.