Getting Involved

Family centered-care is a philosophy that recognizes and respects the important role of the family in the lives of children. Family-centered care also recognizes that the child lives in a community, whose role is equally important in helping him or her get well.
The Children's hospital offers many opportunities to get involved.  Some work from their home, sewing beautiful blankets for children to cuddle in. Card stampers share their talent by creating cards that offers a personal touch to daily events.  Others come to the hospital and help daily in the care of the children by reading stories or playing games.  Scouts have been instrumental in collecting materials for the Family Resource Library.
In addition, parents and children who were admitted to the Children's Hospital come back and help.  Childhood cancer survivors help with the CMN telethon.  NICU parent's come back and offer support to families with babies currently in the hospital.  Some parents choose to participate on the Board level, to help improve program offerings.
We welcome all interests and groups. Several organized programs include:
A matching program of experienced or "graduate" parents started in the NICU in the late 1991. Forty screened and trained volunteers provide support to families in the NICU and are cross-trained to continue to offer support to families in pediatrics, PICU, and the Children's Cancer Center. Call 212-5895 for more information.
Volunteers are vital staff that support the on-going programs for families and children who are in the hospital. Volunteers may read stories to children whose family lives in the Bush, collate educational materials, research community resources, or develop supportive programs that enhance the services offered by the Children’s Hospital. Volunteers will receive training, orientation, and support from staff as they grow in job responsibilities. Contact Volunteer services at 212-3100.
Home-Based Artist or Crafter
Do you have special skills like sewing, crocheting, card stamping, or face painting?  We are always in need of artists who will help with events, create blankets and quilts, or coordinate special projects.  The Parent and Community Coordinator will find the right fit for you.  Please call 212-5895 for more information.
Do you have special skills in fund-raising or would like to donate a gently used item(s) to help families of the Children’s hospital? Donations are accepted by both the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) and for the Providence Alaska Foundation. Call the Foundation and CMN office at 212-8587.