Parents for Parents

Parents for Parents (PFP), starting in 1991, was founded by a group of 5 mothers who were invited by the social worker and family care coordinator, to define and develop a parent support network.  One of the oldest parent support programs in the country, the program has been supported by Children's Miracle Network funding.
A grass-roots effort by parent leaders, the program started by offering a parent matching service.  Parents with babies admitted to the NICU were able to talk to mothers with similar backgrounds.  Eventually, parents gained support from key physician and nursing leaders to be able to come into the unit and approach the bedside without being called upon for a specific match.  A monumental achievement, the supportive parent volunteer at the bedside demonstrated the first real example of family-centered care in practice.
Continuing the tradition from it's origin, most volunteers for Parents for Parents provide support to NICU families. Parents for Parents, meeting quarterly, hosts:
  • Santa in the NICU
  • NICU Reunion
  • Parents Day Activities
  • Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Activities
  • Walk to Remember
A support group in itself, parent volunteers of the been there-done that club helps families to heal from the experience of riding the emotional roller coaster in the NICU, pediatric center, and the Children's Cancer Center.  In  addition, parent volunteers serve as a voice in staff meetings, program developments, and on most Administrative Boards.An application, required training, meetings, and supervised placement are the requirements for becoming a volunteer.
For volunteers who may be interested in activities that do not involved bedside support, we are actively recruiting for the following project coordinators:
  • Assistant newsletter editor
  • Writer (newsletter articles, brochures, and publications.)
  • Creative Crafter (monthly gifts, homemade birthday cards, etc.)
  • Special gifts (first birthday cards and  baby shower gifts)
  • Computer support (databases, web design, and maintenance)
  • Marketing and recruitment
  • Special events planner (NICU reunion, sibling party, Santa Day,  etc.)
  • Administrative support (copying, filing, collating materials, and  making phone calls)
  • Fundraising (tee-shirts, posters, etc.)
For more information
For more information, to receive an application, or upcoming dates of training, please call 212-5895.