The eICU at Providence Alaska Medical Center is a patient monitoring system that uses 21st century telemedicine to help care for critically ill patients in multiple hospitals from a single location. It is staffed with experienced intensivists and critical care nurses who monitor patients’ vital signs, medications, test results and other data, continuously analyzing their conditions. This allows critical care specialists to alert clinical staff at the bedside to potential problems before they occur and to guide interventions.
Why Choose Providence?
  • Providence has the only eICU in Alaska
  • 24-hour critical care specialists available through remote means
  • eICU improves quality care for critically ill patients
Our Services
  • Two-way audio/video, real time bedside support
  • Vital signs monitoring  
  • Lab and medication review
  • More information
Our location
For more information
To learn more about Providence eICU, please call (907) 212-6801, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. To find general information and specific health topics, visit our online health library.