What We Do

Strategic areas of focus

It is our Mission to serve all, especially the poor and vulnerable. We care for the whole person, not just their medical needs. In each of the areas listed below, your gift supports the physical, mental, and spiritual care of anyone in need.

Where should I give?

There are two ways to tell us how to use your gift:

  1. Area of Greatest Need – If you don’t have a specific preference, but want to support our compassionate care to the poor and vulnerable, simply reference your gift as, “Area of Greatest Need.” Our staff, board and leadership work together to use your gifts in the most meaningful way to care for our community.
  2. Choosing an Area of Service – If you have a passion for a specific area of care (Heart, Cancer, Children, Seniors), let us know by including your preference on your gift. Get to know our strategic areas of focus by reading more below:

Alaska CARES & Forensic Nursing
akcaresgirlwithbearThe Alaska CARES and Forensic Nursing teams are part of a collaborative group co-located with the necessary services in our community to help children heal and thrive after experiencing abuse. Right now we are raising money to help Alaska CARES and their partners build a new home. To learn more about this project, or to make a gift now, visit AKCares.org. Please join us is helping these kids heal and grow into their full potential!

The Children’s Hospital at Providence
As the only children’s hospital in Alaska, you can imagine we see kids from all over the state experiencing diverse health situations. Through Family Support Services, philanthropy supports the work of Child Life Specialists and Parent Navigators who come alongside a family and help them get through tough situations together. To make a gift now, donate online by choosing “The Children’s Hospital at Providence” as your designation!

Children's Miricle Network (CMN)
Another way to support The Children’s Hospital at Providence is through our partner, Children’s Miracle Network (CMN). As the only children’s hospital in Alaska, we receive all funds raised through CMN. And you’ll recognize the yellow and white paper balloons you see at our corporate partners like Costco and Walmart. . If you are interested in becoming a CMN corporate partner, please contact Marian Giannulis, our Children’s Miracle Network program director, at (907) 212-2027 or marian.giannulis@providence.org.


Senior Services
The Senior population in Alaska is growing by leaps and bounds! To keep this valuable segment of our population thriving and healthy, we need to be able to support their unique needs and concerns. Your philanthropy helps make sure their access to care and basic needs are taken care of. Want to give now? Donate online by choosing “Senior Services” as your designation!

Cancer Center
Congratulations to the Providence Cancer Center, celebrating its 10th anniversary during 2018! The services through the Cancer Center help patients receiving treatment stay right here in Alaska and not have to travel to other states for care. Want to give now? Donate online by choosing “Providence Cancer Center” as your designation!

Have you heard about the Patient Navigation services offered at the Cancer Center? Any patient, no matter where they receive care, can come and get support from nurses, case managers, and cancer professionals who will help guide them through all of the challenges that cancer presents, such as figuring out available resources or knowing how to talk to family about a diagnosis.

Behavioral Health
You likely have seen recent news coverage about Alaska’s challenges caring for those in our community needing mental health services. Unfortunately, stories related to depression, addiction, and abuse appear daily in our news. These issues affect all ages of our community members from kids and adolescents to seniors. And it is not specific to the homeless person we pass on the street. It is our neighbors, colleagues, friends, and family members who can also suffer. These are the most vulnerable in our community. Providence’s Behavioral Health team is forefront in our state for research, education, mental health services and programs to help people be their best in all dimensions: physically, mentally, and spiritually.


For more information

Have further questions and want to contact Providence Alaska Foundation? Call (907) 212-3600 or email us at foundation@providence.org. We are always happy to hear from you!