Tribute Donors

We recognize those honored and remembered through giving to Providence Alaska Foundation during 2017.

In Honor of Alaska CARES Staff
Deborah Hansen

In Memory of Mrs. Dawn M. Anderson
John Anderson

In Honor of Dr. Robert R. Artwohl
Dennis and Harriet Fenerty

In Memory of Ms. Marylou Brewer

Norma Alderfer
Karen Brewer
Colleen Bridge and Michael Moeglein
Paula Byron
James and Kathryn Erlenborn
Salvador Guttierrez, Jr., and Susan Erlenborn Gutierrez
John Kelley, M.D., and Eleanor Kelley
Joann Sedgwick Merrick
Katherine West

In Memory of Mr. Brian
Kimberly Lunn

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Steven Buswell
James and Mary Hasbrouck

Guardian Angel Honor for Ms. Charlene in NICU
Christy Dailey

In Honor of Ainslie J. Cheshire
Alan and Patricia Lambert

In Memory of Ms. Marcia Clark
Mr. Edward Brewer and Mrs. Claudia Duffield
Bill and Kayleen Brown
Bruce Clark
Elizabeth Hawe
Mary Kay and Curt Hefty
Heather Ireland
Larry Rundquist
Mrs. Kimberly Saunders and Mr. John Norton
Dick and Liska Snyder
Mrs. Victoria Suboski and Mr. Mathew A. Suboski
Joyce Winton

In Memory of Mr. Thomas Cook
David and Candy Cook
S.J. and D.C. Hewko

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Fuller Cowell
Patricia Jacobson

In Memory of Ms. Candita D'Angelo
Ronald and Nancy Porzio

In Memory of Ms. Patricia R. Dart
Susan and Jim DiMaggio
Loraine Hammock

In Memoryof Travis R. Desiato
BJ Coopes, MD, LLC

In Memory of Ms. Rita Drew
Joseph and Mary Caliro

In Honor of Ms. Barb Dubovich
Barbara Brown
Sara Pate

In Memory of Ms. Shirley Duda
Doug and Cynthia Capra
Kenneth and Jeannette Cornell
Ken and Elizabeth Sherwood

In Honor of Patients With C. Fibrosis
Shoot for the Cure

In Memory of Mr. Dennis Fraser
Mary Gunning

In Memory of Col. Julius Frenier and Mr. Donald Holman
Mr. and Mrs. John M. White, Jr.

In Memory of Lt. Col. and Mrs. Julius A. Frenier
Mrs. Catherine M. Myers

In Memory of Mr. Fennish Gardner
Hattie L. Gardner

In Memory of Patricia M. Garvin
Richard H. Garvin

In Memory of Mr. Gregory Gill

Michael and Elsa Tooley

In Honor of Mrs. Sofia Gilman
Bethani Schruf

In Memory of Ms. Barbara Gooding
Deborah Seidl

In Memory of Ms. Jane Graa Lyon
Joan and Lloyd Morris

In Honor of Ms. Ava Hacker
Christine Hacker and Charles H. Hacker Jr.

In Memory of Ms. Kathy Haldane
Arthur Anderson and Sandra Haldane
Susan Lively

In Honor of Ms. Maya Hamilton

Jessica Maves

In Memory of Dr. Bill Hammel
Jeffrey and Shawna Leonard

In Memory of Owen Harmon
Brenna Reimer

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hoffman

In Memory of Mr. Titus D. Honrud
Derrick and Jenny Honrud

In Memory of Ms. Angela M. Houston
Jessica Houston

In Honor of Dr. Tamera Huntington
Dennis and Harriet Fenerty

In Memory of Ms. Karen Lee G. Jarvis
The Jim and Pam Shirrell Family

In Memory of Mr. Robert W. Jones
Janine Moreno-Jones

In Memory of Mr. Matthew Katsur
Robert and Bonita Katsur

In Honor of Madilyn Kelly

In Memory of Ms. Patricia L. Kennedy
Linda Kennedy

In Memory of Dr. Mari Koch
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Duncombe

In Honor of Mr. Micah Koontz
Ms. Jena James

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Korman
Mr. Dale Olson and Mrs. Anne Olson

In Memory of Mr. Mark A. Korting

Calais Company, Inc.
Matthew Ezell
Ms. Sandra Fischer
Ronica Holeman
Linda Keller
Julie Korting
Terri Jeanne Smith
Carol Stookey
Supervisory Unit Local 4900
Patricia Weatherby

In Memory of Ms. Vera Koskela
Donnis and Steven Broman

In Memory of Mr. Delmer Krsnak

In Memory of Ms. Edith Kukowski
Alaska Scrap & Recycling
Marie and Robert Brown
Ms. Jane B. Fellman
Darrel and Anita Franson
Judy Hall
Mary Kay and Curt Hefty
Vicke and Raymond Kukowski
Mr. and Mrs. Billy N. Osborn
Brigette Ressel
Karon Severson
Donna Weber and Teresa Shipley
Eleanor Zipay

Guardian Angel Honor L&D and Maternity Staff
Angela Kuest

In Memory of Ms. Marcia Jean Clark LaBarr
William LaBarr

In Memory of Ms. Jasmine LaFountain
Rachel Norwood
Tessa Stromdahl

In Honor of Ms. Charlotte Lamphier
IAFF Local 1264

In Memory of Ms. Sheryl Law
Nancy Anderson

In Honor of Mr. Ralph Lynch
Susan Ruddy

In Memory of Dr. William Lyon
Erin McArthur, M.D.
David and Mildred Templin

In Memory of Ms. Malia

In Memory of Mr. Steve Massey
Pamela Massey
Mr. Steve Massey

In Memory of Sr. Mary Matthais
Jane A. Boland
Mr. John F. Boland

In Memory of Ms. Judith Moerslein and Mr. George Moerslein
Ms. Loretta L. Curgus

In Honor of Baby Girl Molle
Anchorage Firefighters Union Local 1264

In Memory of Mr. Jay Monson
Janice Monson

In Honor of Moor, Koeniger & Bell Families
Neil and Stephanie Koeniger

In Memory of Mr. Patrick Moore
Tammi Moore

In Memory of Mr. Jeffrey Moravec
Michael and Nancy Moravec

In Honor of Mr. Michael Morgester
John and Lorraine Morgester

In Memory of Mr. Kenneth Mott
Michael and Juanita Mott

In Honor of Mr. MTK
Donald and Marcia Kunkel

In Memory of My Sister
Lila Hurst

In Honor of Mr. Ryan Pate
Sara Pate

In Honor of Ms. Joanne Phillips-Nutter
Joan Stassel & Chuck Livers

In Memory of Mr. Edgar H. Preiss
Bonnie L. Kragt
Edgar H. Preiss
Marion G. Preiss

In Honor of Providence Adolescent Residential Treatment Program
Leslie and Ted Kramer

In Honor of Providence Alaska Foundation
Grace and Stu Greene

In Honor of Providence Alaska Medical Center Staff
Deborah Hansen

In Honor of Ms. Bella Roberts
Baylee Roberts

In Honor of Mr. Joshua Rogers
Barbara Bigelow and Richard Smith

In Memory of Mr. Harvey E. Rookus
Richard and Peggy Bastiansen

In Memory of Ms. Susan Rowley Vancil
Ms. Mae C. Blackburn
Rebecca and Brent Brewer
Larry Head and Crystal Kasnoff
Patricia Hollis
Hal Ingalls and Vicky Diemer
Erika Kelly
Jeffrey and Deborah Mercer
Theresa Nienkark
Pamela Nienkark-Snyder and Samuel Snyder
Jeanne Ostnes
Vanessa Roberts
James and Barbara Shake
Corinne Smith and David Biggs
Chelsea Snyder
Mary Tuehscherer

In Memory of Ms. Rachel Ann Ruane Manley
JoAnn Frohling
Juergen and Christine Helm
Rainer Helm and Barbel Ruane Helm
Paul and Susan Legaj
Debra Marquardt
David and Sharon Nowak

In Honor of Ms. Susan L. Ruddy
Ralph Lynch

In Memory of Ms. Sharon W. Sampson

In Memory of Ms. Verna B. Sandison
Warren and Mary Hines

In Memory of Ms. Kathleen Scanlon
Patrick Scanlon

In Honor of Mr. Logan E. Schlueter
Jessica Maves

In Honor of Ms. Bethani Schruf
Cynthia Libby

In Memory of Ms. Talae Smith
Amanda and Travis King
David Mork
Scott J. Tweedley

In Honor of Mr. Fred L. Stassel
Joan Stassel & Chuck Livers

In Honor of Ms. Irene Stowell
Patrick Stowell

In Memory of Mrs. Ann M. Strother
Anchorage Women's Newcomers/Longtimers Club
Beta Sigma Phi
Dian Dodd

In Memory of Mr. Lennie R. Taylor
Karen Taylor

In Memory of Mr. George F. Thiele
Craig Air, Inc.

In Memory of Mr. Cyrus James Tilton
Sally and James Tilton

In Memory of Ms. Glynnie Tjomsland
Ms. R.C. Tjomsland and Mr. Glen F. Tjomsland

In Memory of Mr. Curt Von Gunten

Michael and Elsa Tooley

In Memory of Ms. Velma Warren
Alaska Button Box Gang
General Teamsters Local 959
Ms. Linda Goentzel
John Todd

In Memory of Ms. Penelope Weaver Kirkwood
Deborah and Patrick Seidl

In Memory of Mr. Sam Weis
Arctic Entries

In Honor of Mrs. Lezlie Wilfer
C & R Pipe and Steel, Inc.

In Memory of Mr. Howard G. Wilson
Claire Wilson

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. JR Wilson
Always on Call Mountain Mechanical
Margaret Clum

In Memory of Ms. Margaret Wilson
Michael and Elsa Tooley

In Honor of Ms. Mary Wrede and Mr. Walt Wrede

Ms. Naomi Wrede

In Memory of Mrs. Dorothy E. Ziemlak and Mr. Thaddeus Ziemlak
Ruth White