Orders and Reporting

Verbal Orders 
Verbal orders will be accepted in emergency situations and must be followed by written verification within 48 hours. A confirmation will be faxed to the ordering provider immediately after the order is received. The confirmation notice must be signed (date and time) and returned to 212-3632 within 48 hours. "Add-on" tests may be ordered if sufficient sample quantity remains.
Standing Orders 
Standing orders must be written and signed by the physician. The specific tests and corresponding ICD-9-CM codes must be listed, the start and stop dates for the testing must be noted and the frequency of the testing specified.
All standing orders are renewed annually. Providence Laboratory Client Services will send reminders to physician offices when the annual renewal is due. If the physician does not renew standing orders, the original order will expire and be removed from the active file. Patients will not receive laboratory services without current orders.

Inpatient Reports
Reports from routine and ASAP testing are printed at 3 p.m. and are placed in the patient’s charts. STAT test results print directly to the ordering location upon completion of testing.
Outpatient Reports
Routine and ASAP testing reports are printed at 7 p.m. and are delivered to the physician offices on the following workday. On-campus physicians will receive their reports by 8 a.m. Offices not on campus will receive their reports by US Mail.
STAT Reports
Reports can be phoned or faxed, per request, to the physician office. Please mark the requisition form if you would like results phoned or faxed to your office and provide the appropriate phone or fax number.
All reports for resulted tests can be faxed on demand by calling our customer service line at 212-3631.