Reflex Testing

Providence Laboratory Services will perform reflex testing if one of the specified initial tests is ordered, and if the test results meet the reflex criteria. Additional fees will be assessed for any reflex testing that is performed.
General Laboratory
Standard Laboratory Practice, Reflex and Confirmatory Testing
Initial Test
Reflex Criteria
Reflex test
Charge Information
Abnormal results: Pathologist-determined criteria
Pathologist peripheral smear review
Additional professional charge
CBC (85025) automated differential
Abnormal results: Pathologist-determined criteria
CBC (85023) manual differential
CBC with manual differential charged, credit issued for CBC with automated differential
D-Dimer DIC
Titer performed
Additional technical charge
HCV ( Hepatitis C Antibody)
Positive screen
Confirmation testing - reference lab
Additional technical charge
HbsAg (Hepatitis B surface antigen) *
Positive screen
Hep BS Confirmatory test
Additional technical charge
Positive screen
Western Blot - State mandated
No additional charge
Lupus Anticoagulant: DRVVT Lupus Anticoagulant: PT Lupus Anticoagulant:PTT
Abnormal results
DRVVT Mix - Reference laboratory PT Mix - Reference laboratory PTT Mix - Reference laboratory
Additional technical charge - DRVVT Mix only. PT/PTT Mix - No charge as of 11/2001
Malaria smear *
Pathologist review Possible referral to determine species.
Additional professional charge Potential additional technical charges for species determination
Reactive or Weakly reactive
FTA-Abs - reference laboratory confirmation
Additional technical charge
Streptozyme screen *
Titer performed
Additional technical charge
Abnormal results: Pathologist-determined criteria
Microscopic exam
Additional technical charge
UA, culture if indicated
Test is ordered and WBC >5, or 2+ bacteria
Urine bacterial culture
Additional technical charge for culture. Potential additional charges for ID and susceptibility
Von Willebrand Panel #
Positive result
Von Willebrand factor multimers
Additional technical charges
*May be ordered without reflex test for known positive patients Note: Hepatitis Acute Panel includes automatic confirmation of positive Hep C Antibody