Family Centered Care

Providence Alaska Medical Center recognizes family-centered care in our approach to the planning, delivery and evaluation of health care that is governed by mutually beneficial partnerships between health care providers, patients and families.
In keeping with our philosophy and mission, Providence supports individualized patient visiting hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The degree of family involvement is controlled by the patient provided he or she is competent to do so.
Visitors are asked to consider a patient’s need for rest and to be thoughtful as to how many visitors are there in a room at one time. The 3 West Atrium is always available to visitors taking turns going in to visit the patient.
Patient Stories
Often orthopedic surgery does not require an inpatient hospital stay. Patients receiving orthopedic outpatient (ambulatory) surgical procedures at PAMC are treated with the same clinical expertise and advanced medical technologies as our most complex inpatient cases.

For more information
View our online provider directory to find an outpatient provider, or call (907) 212-5606 to learn more about the Providence Alaska Orthopedic Center.