Referrals should be faxed to the Pediatric Subspecialty Clinic at Providence Alaska Medical Center – Genetics Clinic

Fax number: 907-212-4831. 

Referrals need to contain the following information: 

  • Patient Demographic Information (Full legal name, Date of birth, and Phone number)
  • Patient Insurance Information (Payer name, Subscriber name, and Subscriber ID)
  • Clinical Information (Service ordered & service date, CPT code, Diagnosis code, and Reason for referral)
  • Medical records that document all of the patient’s medical concerns 

Incomplete referrals can not be processed until (subspecialty) records have been received. For questions, please contact Hannah Barnhart, CMA, Clinic Coordinator at 907-212-2081 . Examples:

  • Marfan syndrome evaluation – please include Pediatrician notes, Cardiology and Ophthalmology notes 
  • NF1 evaluation – please include Pediatrician notes, Ophthalmology notes and Dermatology notes 
  • Hearing loss – please include Pediatrician notes, Audiology/ENT notes and head CT report
  • Developmental delay – please include Pediatrician notes, OT/PT/ST evaluations, head imaging, Neurology etc. (if completed) 

We accept referrals for children with developmental delays/unexplained intellectual disability, major/minor anomalies, brain differences, unusual growth patterns/failure to thrive, progressive muscle weakness, neurologic conditions, hearing loss/deafness, café-au-lait macules/unusual skin findings, autism spectrum disorder/unusual behaviors, chromosomal differences/single gene disorders, and children who present with findings that raise concern for an underlying genetic condition. 

We do not accept referrals for EDS hypermobility and MTHFR gene testing. Referrals regarding clotting/blood disorders should be sent to Hematology/Oncology. 

We do not accept referrals for Huntington disease counseling or testing.