Providence Medical Group Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

The Providence Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Clinic specializes in the care of children who require diagnosis and treatment of cancer or blood disorders. We offer comprehensive outpatient care and work jointly with the Providence Alaska Medical Center Pediatric Inpatient unit.

Our mission is to provide compassionate, comprehensive care to children diagnosed with cancer in a personalized, optimistic and loving environment. Our approach focuses on the entire family, knowing that when a child is diagnosed with cancer, it affects everyone in his or her life. We strive to provide excellent support and case management when caring for our patients.


Pediatric Oncology and Infusion

Our center is staffed by physicians, a nurse practitioner and nurses.  We believe in a team approach to care and involve specialists in social work, Child Life, nutrition, pharmacy, Anchorage School District liaison teachers. With our team approach, we are able to treat most children with cancer entirely in Alaska, including offering access to clinical trials through the Children’s Oncology Group.

Although most of the patients that come through our center are cancer patients, we also are able to give infusions/transfusions to children with a multitude of illnesses including autoimmune disorders, immune deficiencies and hematologic disorders.

Long term follow up and survivorship

After completing treatment for cancer, patients who had cancer as a child or adolescent are eligible to be followed in our Long-Term Follow Up clinic, a part of the Alaska Survivorship Program. This is a program designed to meet each patient’s unique health care needs as a long term survivor of childhood, adolescent or young adult cancer. This program focuses on keeping you healthy following cancer diagnosis and therapy.

The survivorship program addresses the physical and emotional complications that can come after cancer and its treatment. For most survivors, these effects are minimal, but can include physical health effects to the body or emotional effects like sadness or problems with school or work.

We strive to provide excellent education, help and support to help survivors to take charge of their health and manage or prevent these problems. Additional survivor education information is available through Children’s Oncology Group Long-Term Follow-Up Health Links.


Our hematology clinic focuses on the diagnosis, management and treatment of both ongoing and benign blood disorders, such as ITP, sickle cell disease, iron deficiency, and thalassemia. We work closely with pediatricians and primary care physicians all over Alaska to ensure that no matter where a patient is located we can monitor any needed blood work and follow up care. We provide access to specialty blood work, and also send labs to national specialty laboratories when needed. Our clinic size allows us to provide intimate, and specialized care to our patients.