Psychiatric Emergency Department

The psychiatric emergency department at Providence Alaska Medical Center is designed to provide accessible, professional, cost-effective services to individuals in psychiatric and/or substance abuse crisis including assessment, crisis intervention, medical care, and referrals.

Crisis Intervention
Crisis care is through the emergency department or through the Crisis Line at 907-563-3200. A full evaluation is conducted to determine treatment. If inpatient treatment is required, the individual is admitted. If no hospital stay is needed, the patient is referred to outpatient services.

Department Basics
The psychiatric emergency department utilizes emergency department physicians, psychiatric advanced nurse practitioners, licensed clinical social workers, registered nurses, patient care technicians, and psychiatrists to deliver care in a multidisciplinary team approach.

Providence Alaska Medical Center Emergency Department
Emergency services at Providence Alaska Medical Center provides fast, effective, professional emergency care 24 hours a day. Emergency care physicians, nurses and other specially trained team members respond to any minor or major emergency, from a compound fracture to heart failure.

Forensic Nursing Services of Providence (FNSP)
Forensic Nursing Services of Providence provides medical-forensic exams to patients who have experienced a form of interpersonal violence; primarily but not limited to sexual assault.

For more information
To learn more about Providence Behavioral Health Services, please call (907) 563-2211. To find general information and specific health topics, visit our online health library