Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Our Approach

Our therapists are ready to help guide your recovery. We carefully evaluate your condition and work with you to reach your goals. We help adults and children live as fully, safely and independently as possible.

Our Services

Physical therapy  

  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Injury and workers’ comp rehabilitation 
  • Manual therapy — Including but not limited to the McKenzie Method
  • Postural and body mechanics 
  • Vestibular and balance rehabilitation 
  • Education on exercise 
  • Improved strength, endurance and physical abilities 
  • Lymphedema therapy 
  • Wheelchair and Seating Clinic 

Occupational therapy  

  • Increase participation in activities of daily life such as dressing, eating, driving and working and household and recreational activities
  • Disabled Driver’s Program 
  • Fine and gross motor skills 
  • Functional capacity evaluations 
  • Hand therapy 
  • Visual motor and visual perception skills 

Speech therapy

  • Swallow rehabilitation
  • Cognitive rehabilitation 
  • Speech and language training 
  • Stuttering 
  • Social communication 
  • Voice therapy 
  • Aural rehabilitation 
  • Augmentive assistive device training 

Providence Disabled Driver’s Program

Our Disabled Drivers Program helps evaluate whether it’s safe for you or a loved one to operate a vehicle. The program includes:  

  • An in-clinic evaluation
  • An on-the-road evaluation
  • Driver training and adaptive equipment review


Call us at  907-212-6300 if you need help getting a referral from your doctor.

Lymphedema Therapy

Our Lymphedema therapists offer a number of treatments that may reduce swelling and lessen pain such as:

  • Exercise
  • Bandaging
  • Massage 
  • Pneumatic Compression 
  • Compression Garments 
  • Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) 


Call us at 907-212-6300 if you need help getting a referral from your doctor.

Wheelchair and Seating Clinic

Our Wheelchair and Seating therapists can help you find the right wheelchair or assistive equipment. 

Services offered

  • Evaluation for mobility, seating and positioning in your equipment
  • Trials with various equipment options 
  • Follow-up appointments as needed 
We work with you, your doctor and your preferred local wheelchair vendor to ensure you receive the most appropriate equipment.


Call us at 907-212-6300 if you need help getting a referral from your doctor.


We accept all major insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare.

Patient Forms

Submit completed forms either by email, fax, mail or drop off in-person:    Address:

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