Real Estate & Construction

Providence Real Estate & Construction provides effective and efficient building services that support the medical practice or business of its tenants, incorporating daily, the core values of compassion, excellence, respect, justice, and stewardship.
Resource Guide for Providence Tenants
Our tenant handbook serves as a resource guide for all building or tenant issues, problems and emergency situations at any given location within the Alaska region.
Key Phone Numbers & Emergency Contacts
  • Main Hospital Information (907) 562-2211
  • PH&S Real Estate Manager (907) 212-2328
  • PH&S Real Estate Manager 24/7 (907) 223-0407
  • PAMC Facilities (907) 212-5000
  • Housekeeping (Day) (907) 440-8162
  • Housekeeping (Night) (907) 440-8153
  • PAMC Locksmith (907) 212-5000
  • PH&SA Safety Officer (907) 212-5804
  • PAMC Security Dispatch (907) 562-2211
  • PAMC Security Emergency 777

Tenant Resources

Building Maintenance
Cleaning Specifications
Emergency Management
Fire Extinguisher Training and Fire and Life Safety Course Schedule
Frequently Asked Questions
Key Request Form
Move Work Request Form
Moving Guidelines
Rules and Regulations
Security Information
Signage Request Form
Tenant handbook
Tenant Information and Emergency Contact Form

For more information
To learn more about Providence Real Estate & Construction or inquire about current vacancies, please call (907) 212-2328. To find general information and specific health topics, visit our online health library