Assessing and Controlling Pain: What You Should Know

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Communicating how you feel when you experience pain can be difficult under normal circumstances. While you are in the hospital, we want you to tell us how you feel using the simple Pain Rating Scale.

With this tool, you can describe how much pain you are feeling. This will help the nurses know if you are receiving appropriate pain relief. Throughout your hospital stay, your doctor and nurse will ask you to rate your pain.

Using the scale

The Pain Rating Scale ranges from 0-10. A score of "0" means you feel no pain. A score of "5" means moderate pain. A score of "10" means you feel the worst pain possible.

Pain means different things to different people. It can include many types of discomfort, and it can be felt in any part of the body. Tightness, burning, stabbing, pulling and tugging are common terms used to describe pain.

When asked, please rate your pain using this 0-10 scale. After you receive pain medication, your nurse will ask you again to rate your pain. This will help her know if the medication is working effectively for you.

Your nurse will review the scale with you at the hospital. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.