What to Expect After a UFE Procedure

More than 90% of women with excessive uterine bleeding experience a decrease in symptoms within one month of the procedure.

  • Over 70% of women who have “bulk symptoms” (internal pressure from the fibroid size, pain with intercourse, urination problems) experience a decrease or complete resolution of the symptoms within three months.
  • The fibroids decrease in size by an average of 45% to 60% within six months.
  • No further fibroid growth has been discovered to date in women who have had UFE.

Advantages of UFE over other alternatives
Since UFE is a non-surgical procedure, it provides patients with many advantages:

  • Recovery is much faster (usually 3-7 days) and the patient usually has less pain and fewer complications than those associated with traditional surgical treatments.
  • The procedure does not require general anesthesia and can be done in an outpatient setting, reducing the length of stay in the hospital.
  • Results of the procedure to date have been excellent, with an 88-92% success rate in alleviation of symptoms.
  • The risk of post-operative bleeding and scarring inside the body is much less than with other surgical treatments.
  • There is no abdominal incision or scar with this minimally invasive procedure.