Volunteer Requirements

Thank you for your interest in applying to our volunteer program. Because volunteers are a vital part of our team, we have some requirements. Placement in a volunteer assignment is based on volunteer’s availability, skills and suitability as well as current openings and hospital needs. Volunteer placement is not guaranteed. 

Before applying to our program, be sure you can commit to the following expectations: 

  • Must be at least 18 years old 
  • Commit to serve as a volunteer for at least 6 months, fulfilling an assigned two to four hour shift each week * 
  • Serve a minimum of 100 hours *
  • Pass a criminal background check
    - Fingerprints required (provided by Providence)
  • Pass a Health Screening - Vaccination or Titer records for the following:
    - MMR
    - Hep B
    - Tdap
    - Varicella
  • Attend a mandatory 2 hour orientation 
  • Comply with the following ongoing requirements: *
    - Annual Q-Gold test (provided by Providence) - Due during birth month
    - Annual Safety Update (provided by Volunteer Services)

Because our Volunteer Program is focused on volunteer services, it is not considered a step to employment. If you wish to seek employment at Providence Alaska Medical Center, please see our current job listings at www.providenceiscalling.jobs.

*Commitment, hours and annual ongoing requirements may vary depending on specific service area needs.